About the company

UAB “Vilniaus Rentinys“ was established in 1991 and successfully operates in the field of design and construction of rational foundations and underground structures under complicated geological conditions (soil is loose, peaty and watery). Throughout the existence of the Company, it took a leading position in the field of foundation design and constructions. In 2008, company performed works for 22 million eur. The Company was nominated in the category of the product of the year 2008 and awarded the golden medal for installation works of the three-floored parking space under the present building in the object “The building of administrative and trade purpose in Vilniaus str. 31/ Islandijos str. 1 in Vilnius”.

Different works have been executed in construction sites since the establishment of the Company, therefore the rich experience and required knowledge has been gained. In recent five years, foundations of the following buildings and civil engineering structures have been installed: Business Centers in Vilnius, shopping centers, Biotechnical Plant in Vilnius, logistic centers, Water Entertainment Parks in Druskininkai and Vilnius, temporary repositories of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Station, overbridges, bypass constructions in Vilnius; enlargement of “Philips Morris Lietuva“, Vilnius Airport; shopping and leisure complex “Panorama“ in Vilnius and the subway nearby; underground structures of numerous dwelling houses or their complexes in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Alytus, Druskininkai and other cities.

At present, the Company employs 250 workers, including highly qualified designers, geologists, and others. The Ministry of Environment has certified the Company for design of building parts and construction works of special structures (industrial, energy, transport, communications and etc.). The Company also possesses the permit for soil investigations. Company is a member of Lithuanian Builders Association. The employees of the Company are active members of Lithuanian Geotechnical Society.

A big fleet of companys building machines, containing 25 vibration and boring devices is able to install bored piles from 300 mm to 1200 mm in diameter, up to 27 m in length, and driving piles from 220 mm to 500 mm in diameter and up to 30 m in length. Moreover, the Company has auxiliary equipment required to ensure an efficient foundation installation: 15 moveble concrete mixers, 3 concrete pumps, 5 anchor installment aggregates and many other building machines (cranes, loaders, trailors, tugboat and etc.). The Company can perform soil investigations with the help of the soil investigation device PAGANI TG 73-200 (CPT-DPSH-Rotary).

With our highly qualified employees and all equipment required, we are able to offer designing and installation of complicated foundations (bored, and jetgrouted piles), concrete or sheet piles retaining walls, anchors, tunnels, subways under roads and railways, bridge supports. Additionally, we provide such services as strengthening foundations of existing buildings, installation or deepening of basements, water level lowering, soil thickening, and geological (geotechnical) investigations of soil.

Nowadays Company puts much effort for implementation projects of road and bridge installation: works of substructure and retaining walls installation for bridges of the southern and western bypasses, underbridges and their approaches in Vilnius City, i.e. Lazdynai Bridge, underbridges of Gerosios vilties Street, geopiles (macadam piles) in the roads Kaunas – Marijampolė – Suvalkai and Vilnius – Utena for strengthening the ground under the road.

The objective of UAB “Vilniaus rentinys“ are to perform all works qualitatively and to be trusty.